004 El Heredero del Fuego, Tequila Blanco


004 El Heredero del Fuego, Tequila Blanco


La excelencia del tequila, un tequila que solo encontrarás fuera de México, ahora aquí en Club Reeco.



Plant Selection: Selecting the best blue agave plants between 7 and 10 years old from the region of Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico.

Baking: After removing the leaves of the plants to keep only the head and the heart of the agave, baking for 12 hours in autoclave oven at 110 Centigrade.

Chopping: Agave heads are chopped to extract the natural sugar “honey” from agave, then pressure water helps to finish the extraction.
The number of grams of the nonvolatile ingredient per 100 cubic centimeters at 15 degrees Celsius is as follows:

Blanco: 0 .0060 grams
Rosa: 0,0154 grams
Reposado: 0.0232 grams
Añejo: 0.0372 grams
Extra añejo: 0.1808 grams

Fermentation: Fermentation is performed in large stainless steel containers. Water, bread yeasts and Diammonium Phosphate (NH4)2HPO4, as a nutrient is added. After 24 hours when yeast cells finish working, the process is finished.

Distillation: During distillation process, heat and pressure is applied, separating the enzymes in alcohol content products (Tequila) and vinasse; being the latter waste product. Process is carried out in stainless steel stills, and in continuous distillation towers. Common stills consist of three parts: the pot or boiler, where must is deposited for heating; the column or capital, which collects and conducts the steams, and the coil, where the steams are cooled becoming liquid.

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